Information Technology
S.No. Notice No. Subject Submission Date
1.TCIL/66/eGov/2017/NIT RMSAJK/01Procurement of Hardware and Software with warranty for 3 years for Implementation of ICT @ Schools Project in Education Sector J&K 2018-03-26 by 10:00:00 Hrs
2.TCIL/15/1780/I/17-MM/027EAnnual Maintenance Contract of ERP and IT Hardware Installed at TCIL HQ Data Center for a Period of One Year. 2018-04-05 by 14:00:00 Hrs
3.TCIL/15/1778/I/17-MM/025EComprehensive Maintenance of Computer Hardware, Peripherals, Software, e-Content, Connected Accessories, Lab Infrastructures, Maintenance of Equipment and Provision of Computer Education Services in 1110 Government and Government aided Schools of Delhi under the centrally sponsored ICT Scheme. 2018-03-27 by 14:00:00 Hrs