Public Procurement involves trillions of Rupees of public funds, and therefore the wellestablished processes of manual tendering have developed procedures to ensure that proper bid confidentiality is maintained till the opening of the bids received in the presence of the bidders in a very transparent manner. In addition, it is important to ensure the authenticity and non-tampering of important tendering related documents such as – Tender Notice, Corrigenda, Tender Documents, Addenda, and Clarifications to Tender Documents, Bids etc.

India now has a very comprehensive set of guidelines on e-procurement “Guidelines for Compliance to Quality Requirements of e-Procurement Systems” dated 31/08/2011, issued by STQC Dte, Department of Information Technology (DIT), Government of India (available on http://egovstandards.gov.in/guidelines). If it is ensured that the e-procurement system being used satisfactorily addresses the concerns listed in the guidelines, then one can indeed have fair and transparent e-procurement, with almost ‘Nil’ chances of manipulation in the e-procurement processes.

The e-procurement system and services offered by TCIL is based on the most secure and transparent technology sourced from an e-procurement technology lab, ElectronicTender®. This software/ technology is not only fully compliant with the Government of India Guidelines for e-Procurement Systems, but is also a benchmark for secure and transparent e-procurement. This software has become the first such software to be certified by STQC Dte, Department of Information Technology (DIT), Government of India, on 18th January, 2013, for full compliance with the above mentioned DIT guidelines for e-Procurement Systems. TCIL’s e-procurement portal system hosted in TCIL’s Data Center in New Delhi has also been certified by STQC on 30th March, 2015 for compliance with the above DIT Guidelines on e-Procurement Systems.

Very intricate and complex tenders using combination of electronically sealed bids and ereverse auctions have been flawlessly conducted on TCIL’s portal with the highest standards of transparency in all aspects, including the comprehensive online public tender opening events, to the full satisfaction of the clients as well as their suppliers participating in the e-tenders/e-auctions.

M/s Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.(PGCIL),one of TCIL’s e- Procurement clients, is also using the ETS Portal of TCIL for e-tendering for its World Bank funded projects after due audit of the ETS Portal by the technical team of World Bank.