A) Particulars of Organization
  • a) Date of Incorporation 10th March 1978
  • b) Mode of Incorporation Incorporated as a Pvt. Ltd. Company under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956.
  • c) Administrative Ministry Department of Telecommunications,Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
  • d) Details of Disinvestments The entire share capital of the Company is held by the Govt. of India.
  • e) Present status Public Ltd. Company under companies Act 1956 under the administrative control of Department of Telecom Ministry of Communication & IT, Government of India.
  • f) Share Capital Authorized Capital Rs. 60.00 Crores (Rs. 600 million),Paid up Capital Rs. 43.20 Crores (Rs. 432 million)
  • g) Listing with Stock Exchange Not applicable, as the TCIL is an unlisted company.
  • h) Objective of the Company
    • To provide technical services that includes consultancy, techno-economic feasibility studies and project execution, in all fields Telecommunications, Information Technology and Architecture and Civil Engineering worldwide, and especially to developing countries.
    • To provide a full range of services and ensure complete satisfaction to its values customers.
    • To adhere to the highest quality standards in its services.
    • To provide state-of-the-art technology and fulfill the current and future requirements of its values customers.
B) Functions and Duties

"To excel in providing solutions in information and Communication Technology, Power and Infrastructure Sectors globally by anticipating opportunities in technology"


"To excel and maintain leadership in providing Optimal solutions on Turnkey basis in Telecommunications and Information Technology Service Sector globally and to diversify by providing excellent infrastructure facilities particularly in the high tech areas."

C) Business of the Company

Consultancy, Engineering & Construction in the fields of