TCIL has 25+ years of rich experience and expertise inthe fieldof Satellitecommunication, offering services such as feasibility/pre-investment studies, Turnkey implementation of satellite based networks, VSAT networks, Video&Audio Broadcasting networks based on latest technologies and its operation and maintenance, up-gradation/ re-configuration ofsatellitenetworks as well.

Prominent projects include the prestigious Pan-African e-network project, VSAT network for Nepal Telecom, SAARC e-network Tele-medicine & Tele-education project, O&Mservices forGULFSAT (Kuwait), ARABSAT,GULFSAT,INTELSATandINMARSATSatelliteEarth Stations atRiyadh,Jeddah andother cities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

A brief overview about some of the major projects executed by TCIL is given below :

Pan-African e-network project
GovernmentofIndiahasdesignatedTelecommunicationsConsultantsIndiaLimitedas a nodalagencytoexecute the prestigiousprojectforsettingupofaPanAfricane-Network toofferIndia'sexpertiseinthe fieldofTele-Education and Tele-MedicinetoAfrican continent. This project has been proposedbyHisExcellencythePresidentofIndiaDr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam,during theinauguralsessionofthePAN-AfricanParliament heldatJohannesburg on16thSeptember2004.

A Hybrid(Fiberfor IPLC & Satellite connectivity for African continent) networkhas been established to connect 53 nations of the African Union to provideeffectivecommunicationand connectivity amongtheNationsthroughsatellite&fibre opticlinks.

The Tele-Education serviceswill beprovidedfrom7reputeduniversitiesinIndiaand5leading regionaluniversitiesinAfrica. TheTele-Medicineprogrammeforspecialisthealthcare servicestotheAfricancountrieswillbeprovidedthrough12Super SpecialtyHospitalsin Indiaand5SuperSpecialtyHospitalsinAfrica.

TCIL, as an ImplementingAgency hasset-upthenetworkandmaintainedit foraperiodof5yearsafter commissioning. Based on the successful implementation and positive response from African countries, the operation and maintenance services got further extended for 3 years upto 2017.

VSATProject In Nepal (Ku-Band)
TCILhasimplemented acountrywideKu-BandVSATNetwork projectconsisting ofHub Station(6.3M)at Kathmandu and650Nos.ofremotesfor providingtoll-quality telephony, dataservices, broadbandInternet andGSM/CDMA backhaul links to extendGSM/CDMA services torural citizens inveryremote&inhospitableareasinNepal.

Thenetworkisoneofthehighaltitude(atamax.altitudeof5300mtrs.)VSATnetworks intheworldhavingformidablechallenges forproviding dependabletelecomservice.Out of650remotes,80%aredesignedtooperateonsolarpanels(100W for Telecentres & 300 W for GSM/CDMA backhaul terminals).

SAARC Tele-medicine& Tele-education project
TCIL has implemented the SAARC Tele-medicine project funded by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India for sharing India’s expertise in the fields of Medicine and Healthcare with seven SAARC nations. Though, TCIL has carried out survey in all the countries, only three countries, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Nepal signed the MoU for implementation of Tele-Medicine network in 2008. SGPGI Lucknow and PGI Chandigarh are the Super Specialty hospitals in India offering Tele-Medicine (T-M) services to IGICH, Kabul in Afghanistan; JDWNRH, Thimphu, Bhutan and Patan Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal respectively over VSAT.

SAARC Tele-Education Project was started in Nepal at National Center for Education Development (NCED), Bhaktapur, Nepal. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi has been chosen for provision of content / courses / programs under this project

TCIL engineers have been involved with the Operations & Maintenance of STC Satellite Network of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1994 onwards and the contract has been continuing till date. The Standard-A satellite earth stations at Jeddah, Riyadh, and other locations working with Intelsat, Inmarsat and Arabsat satellites are maintained & operated by TCIL Engineers. The various services offered by the organization are Telephony, Inmarsat services, IDR carriers and TV Broadcasting for both domestic and international clients.

There are numerous projects executed by TCIL in various countries which epitomizes the extensive expertise and rich experience of TCIL in the domain of satellite communication.