टेलीकम्युनिकेशन्स कंसलटेंट्स इंडिया लिमिटेड
(भारत सरकार का उद्यम)
IS/ISO 9001 2000

TCIL in Kuwait - Rehabilitation of Telecom systems after Gulf War.

TCIL has been present in Kuwait since 1978 and its operations in Kuwait include activities in the field of Telecom, IT, satellite networks and broadband technologies. in August 1990, Gulf War resulted in total paralysis of the country. After Kuwait's liberation in 1991, ministry of communication, Kuwait awarded TCIL contracts for rehabilitation of telephone networks including supply of Telephone cables and other telecom materials which were required urgently for restoration of telecommunication services. TCIL also provided its services of telecom manpower to the Ministry of Communication, Kuwait and Kuwait Oil Company for the rehabilitation of telecom services in their refineries and oil field areas.

The services rendered by TCIL in the post liberation period were highly appreciated by Government of Kuwait through presentation of a Kuwaiti plaque. In Kuwait, its client recognize TCIL as a professional and reliable company because of its superb performance, its ability to strive for excellence and complete devotion to work coupled with competence. This is reflected in expansion contracts, TCIL get every year in various fields.

Keeping pace with technological advancements and its pursuit for excellence and quality services round the world, TCIL has diversified its business to IT sector, broadband communication, and e-solutions (e-governance, e-security, e-shopping).

TCIL has successfully completed a consultancy project for feasibility study for broadband services covering video, data and voice application in the state of Kuwait, for the private company.

TCIL has also implemented recently a large LAN networking project, involving Fibre To The Desk (FTTD) for the landmark building in the state of Kuwait for Public Institution for Social Security with 4000 workstations. This network is the largest such LAN network in he whole of Middle East.

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